Must Read: Just Do Something

Just%20Do%20Something%20Kevin%20DeYoung          In his book Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung  describes the evangelical church as group of passive people searching for a mysterious plan for their life rather than just simply walking obedience. He writes, “Trusting in God’s will of decree is good. Following His will of desire is obedient. Waiting for God’s will of direction is a mess. It is bad for your life, harmful to your sanctification, and allows too many Christians to be passive tinkerers who strangely feel more spiritual the less they actually do. ” 

         This book is not going to tell you how to find the only girl who is meant to be or tell you what job your were created for. Instead, this book is, well,  biblical. DeYoung spends 122 pages tearing away at the shaky evangelical mindet that we have built upon emotions and faulty practices about finding God’s will. This book is extra practical, very timely, and the book that I would recommend about God’s will. So quit sitting on the couch, and just do something like read this book.


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