Christ: the One Mediator Between God and Man

Last night during our study through the Old Testament – The Fullness of Time – we looked at the life of Moses and how it mirrored the life of Israel. Moses, as a baby, was saved through the Nile river and was found among the reeds. Israel was saved through the Sea of “Reeds.” Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness. Israel wandered for 40 years in the wilderness. The LORD appeared to Moses in the burning bush on Mt. Sinai. The LORD appeared to Israel in cloud and flame at Mt. Sinai. Why does this matter? Moses’ life shows a deep connection to the people of God. He is their mediator – one who is just like them, but also one who can go before God.

Today I was thinking of how the life of Jesus is no different. He is the Eternal Son, the Word who was in the beginning. Yet, he identified with us by becoming man. He was born a babe, just like the rest of us. He had to learn to talk, to walk, to read, to love. He knew what it was like to be hungry, to be angry, to be overjoyed. To be heartbroken. He was tempted just as we are tempted. He was poor and lowly and dispirited – just as many of us are. And he knew pain like we know pain. He knew sorrow like we know sorrow. He knew misery. He knew rejection. He knew death.

What a thing it is to think that the very Son of God, in all his glory and splendor and might, would come to the earth and be like us. Die like us.

Paul tells us that there is one mediator between God and man – the man Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:5). There is only One who can be found who is just like us, but who can also go before God on our behalf. Do you know him? Is he your mediator. Does he stand before the Father and plead his blood for your sake? If so, rejoice. Rejoice, for you have a great Savior who loves you and who died for you. If not, repent. Look to the cross. Believe in Christ’s death for your forgiveness of sins. And live. For Moses spoke with God face to face. But we have seen the glory of the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Truly, he is the one mediator between God and man.


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