Lopsided Christianity

There should never be a week in your life that you do not evaluate your walk with Christ.

It’s not that you will ever have a perfect walk or be sinless in your pursuit of Christ, but we should not neglect the passages that call us to “work out your salvation” (Phil 2) and “to strive for holiness” (Hebrews 12). So, when we start a new week or a new day it should begin with a heart check. Asking yourself soul searching questions that will expose both your godly and ungodly desires that are present in your life.

Questions like: Am I serving God alone with my time? Are there idols in my life that need to be torn down? How is my love for my brother and sisters in the church?  Do I care for my wife like Christ cared for the church? These questions could go on and on, but the point is to bring your soul bare before the light and allow God to do the work only that he can do.

One question that I have been asking lately is “How lopsided is my walk with Christ?”  See the two central practices that have been given to every believer are time in the Word and in prayer. How balanced are these things in your life? Do you spend more time in the word or more time in prayer?

Maybe you are a person that spends a lot of time in prayer but not much time in the Word. This person is one who needs a quick answer from God but does not want to hear from God’s Word. Like a friend that wants to spend time with you but never let’s you say a word. The Lord has given us his Word in order for us to know Him, trust Him, and love Him more deeply. So check your life and see if you are stealing the conversation without listening to the Word of Christ.

On the other hand, maybe you love to read God’s Word but you don’t have a vibrant prayer life. If this is true than God’s Word can become like a textbook to make you look and feel more righteous. A path to more bible knowledge that tries to make you look good.  Rather, than being lifeless and dull, God’s Word is a blessing to his children that should cause them to respond in prayer and thanksgiving to God.

I guess you could sum up this blog in one word: Relationship. A balanced Christian walk is found when we call out to God to speak us, read God’s Word for his comforting voice, and then respond to his Words with adoration, confession, and thanksgiving. So tomorrow when you wake up, don’t spend the morning with a lopsided Christianity rather spend your morning speaking to and hearing from God.



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