What do you want on your Tombstone?

        What if gravestones could not lie? Think about this with me. What if God wrote the gravestones for every human being that walked the face of the earth and the only thing that was exposed on the front was the truth of your life? I don’t know about you but I believe I would spend a lot more time at the cemetary.

Here could be a few examples:

 -“Here lies Bill. He had three kids and a wife that got on his nerves alot. He lived for 64 years and waisted all of his time drinking beer, eating snack foods and never leaving the couch except for work. He had a great laugh but never loved me”

-“Here lies Sandy. She never had children or a husband because her career was her idol. She spent all of her time at her career and she worshipped her money.  She never knew that I was the one she was made to worship.”

 -“Here lies Jack. Raised in a Christian home. Sat under the teaching of my word from the time he was 4. He would have a made a great actor the way that he masqueraded as a believer at church. He was all fake.” 

        What a sad place the cemetary would be to visit. Would it not be hard to see the reality of friends and family across that piece of stone. The real question is how hard would it be to read your tombstone?

        Would God write, “Here lies the guy who just played games with the church.” Or “Here lies the girl that cared more about her looking like girls in People Magazine than looking like Jesus.”

        My prayer is that God raises up a generation of believers that know how to lose their life for the gospel of Jesus Christ. That are living for their own glory, their own name, and their own desires, but who have their lives radically given over to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

        The other day I actually visited the gravesite of J.M.Pendlton (11/20/1811 -3/4/1891) at Fairview Cemetary in Bowling Green. The first full-time pastor in the state of Kentucky and a devout man who gave himself up to right books on being a biblical church (Church Manual, The Atonement of Christ, Church Discipline, and many others).  And right on the side of the tombstone were these word from Paul:

               “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.”

           Could your tombstone say that same thing?


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