Curb Your Media Intake

Recently in the news there has been great controversy around the TV show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Over the past few weeks, the show aired an episode where Jesus’ face get urinated on and many denominations are responding in the media world. This is understandable and uncalled for if the world truly believes in “tolerance” of all people (the new definition is to accept anything except for Christianity). However, Kevin DeYoung writes a great blog responding to the controversy. Here is an excerpt:

But playing the grievance game with these kind of stunts is not always a good move.  For starters, it attracts more attention to the offending show.  More to the point, it overlooks the fact that just about everything on television is tasteless, irreverent, and stupid.  If we are going to be offended by sin, we should be disgusted by more than the occasional shock episode.  We should be just as opposed to taking the Lord’s name in vain, fornication, lust-enticing sensuality, glamorized crime, voyeuristic entertainment, and all manner of worldliness.  Sure, peeing on a picture Jesus is bound to get more headlines, but there are a thousand other sins that get broadcast every day and every night.

Here is a pastor who is engaging the culture with the gospel. To read the rest of this blog, find out information on his books, or to read other blogs click here.


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