Radical: David Platt

David Platt, pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL, has just published his first book. The book is entitled Radical. The book calls us to hear the Words of Christ – to die to ourselves, to go to ends of the earth, to fulfill the great commission, to use of our money and resources for Christ, to live for him. Platts calls us to abandon our pursuit of the American dream under the disguise of Christianity. Jesus’ goal for us is not to make a great life for ourself. Jesus’ goal is that we would die. And follow him.

This book is a great read for anyone who desires to take the commands of Christ seriously. It tells the stories of men and women all over the world who are following Christ with a radical obedience. Drawn from deep biblical convictions, this book is surely one that will stay on the shelves – and in the hearts – of all who read it.

Read more about the book at http://www.radicalthebook.com/ or just buy the book. Lifeway is selling Radical for only $10 right now. Go to a Lifeway store or you can buy it here.


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