Links: For Young Men Pursuing Christ

We live in a culture where becoming a man is delayed for too long. It seems that all too often young men (boys) are busy chasing their hobbies, cute girls, or the next level in a video game more than they chase the glory of God. The Lord is calling men to step up to the plate and chase that which matters rather than wasting away these years of passion and energy. Here is some wise counsel from pastors in the past and the present days of the church. I hope that these resources challenge and convict you to pursue the Lord:

Mark Driscoll’s blog post – “The World is Filled with Boys Who Can Shave”

Albert Mohler’s – “The Seduction of Pornography and the Integrity of Christian Marriage”

Ray Van Neste’s- “Pursuing Manhood”

Albert Mohler’s- “The Marks of Manhood” in Boundless Webzine

J. C. Ryle’s- “Thoughts for Young Men”  (a little longer but very challenging)


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