How to Pray for Your Church’s Mission Trip

Every year most churches have opportunities for their members to get away from their local context and to impact another community. Sometimes this is across the state or country, and other times the trips could be across the world. In light of our churches fall trip to Lynch, KY,  I thought it would be helpful to post ways that we can pray for those who are sent from our local church.

1) Pray for team members individually.  We are not sending just a team on this trip but individuals who will have their life impacted by the mission. Maybe call the members on the team and ask how they desire the Lord to grow them. Pray specifically for each member by name that they would be used more than they could have imagined, that they would grow in their love for Christ, and in their for their brothers and sisters they are serving with.

2) Pray for the missionaries or mission that they will be helping. Be proactive to get information about the mission they are serving. Pray for the families that are living in the area that your church is partnering with. For this trip in Lynch, KY it is the Meridzo Ministries (check out the website with the Meridzo Ministries) and more specifically Drew and Leah Baldwin. Wherever the trip might be pray that Christ would use the people who have given their lives to preach his name in Lynch, London, Liberia or wherever the Lord has taken your team.

3) Pray for the team’s evangelistic opportunities. Many times it is easy for teams to go on a mission trip and be wrapped up in feeding people, building houses, playing with kids, or organizing clothing shelters. However, the Lord called for his church to be Spirit-filled witnesses to the ends of the earth. Pray that the Lord would give the team boldness to share the gospel and open eyes to see the opportunities in front of them.

4) Pray for the lost people where they are going. There are numerous people walking without hope all over the world. This is true for the specific people in the city where the team is headed. Pray for people’s hearts to be prepared by the Spirit of God. Pray that they would be receptive to the gospel when it is heard spoken to them by the team. Pray that the Lord would even bring people across their path.

5) Pray for their team to walk in unity. If the enemy was going to destroy your church’s mission trip it would start from within. A team member said something rude to another member. Someone jumps in the line to the shower before another who was waiting. The smallest thing can distract from the mission. Pray that the gospel would overpower disunity. Pray that unity would be built at the beginning of the trip and that encouragement would be a common theme throughout the trip.

6) Pray for the team’s strength. The first place the enemy strikes are in moments of being tired and weak. Pray that the team would get good rest when they sleep. Pray that they would have strength and perseverance throughout the day to work with all their might as unto the Lord. Most of all, pray that their strength would come from a reliance in the Lord.

7) Pray for your community to be impacted. One of the blessings of a mission trip is that it changes the team’s focus for their own mission context. They come back hungry to share the gospel. Burdened for hurting people. Passionate that God’s glory would be seen in their city. Begin to pray that the team will bear fruit when they return to Bowling Green.

8 ) Pray for your mission. First, you are a VITAL part of the mission by praying for the trip. The Lord works when his people humbly pray to Him. Second, spend this week praying for your own opportunities to share the gospel. Pray that you would be burdened for people around you. Even pray for God to provide you opportunities to go on a mission trip.


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