Gratitude or Grumbling?

In light of the upcoming holiday season, the Resurgence blog  has given us a a great chart about the difference between gratitude and grumbling. Search the chart carefully and see which one of these attitudes mark your heart. Also, repent of the areas of ingratitude and set your hearts to be full of thankfullness this holiday season.

  Gratitude Greed
Attitude Humility (Phil. 2:3) Grumbling (Phil. 2:15)
Perspective Grace: “I am a sinner who deserves death but Jesus paid the price and gave me his perfect righteousness.” Entitlement: “I am a good person who deserves heaven—plus a comfortable, pain-free existence in the meantime.”
Desire Jesus is enough to satisfy my life. Jesus is not enough. I want wealth / fame / comfort / power as well.
Money God gives. Therefore my money is his, and I use it to glorify him. I earn. Therefore my money is mine, and I use it however I please.
Possessions Contentment: I have enough Covetous: I never have enough
Church Serve as a member of God’s family Be served as a consumer
Job Work heartily for the Lord; cultivating thanks for God’s provision (Deut. 8:17; Col. 3:23) Work begrudgingly for the man; becoming bitter and jealous against others (James 3:16)
Family A blessing to embrace A burden to escape
Future Eternal: optimistic/hopeful (2 Cor. 4:7–9) Temporal: pessimistic/anxious
Worship Time, energy, and resources go to God Time, energy, and resources go to me
Identity Jesus and his achievement My abilities and my achievements
Giving Generous Guilt- or gain-motivated (or non-existent)

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