5 Great Christmas Albums

If you’re anything like me, then you love some good Christmas music. Notice I said “good.” I’m not talking about some Hey Santa or Christmas Shoes. I love good Christ-centered Christmas music. In case you were looking for some CDs to buy, here are five great Christmas albums:

5. Christmas Songs – Fernando Ortega

This album has all the great Christmas hymns. The style is borderline classical and is more than likely considered “adult contemporary.” A great Christmas hymn CD.

4. Advent Songs – Sojourn Community Church

This album has a very indie-folk take on some traditional Christmas songs. The music is very interesting and fits the advent theme quite well. Good to see a local church putting out music.

3. Christmas – Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn

What could be better than a husband and wife singing Christmas songs together? A folk-ish take on many traditional songs with some new songs as well.

2. Glory in the Highest – Chris Tomlin

This a great Christmas album. All the songs are meant for corporate worship. In fact the album was recorded at a live worship event. All the classic hymns and some wonderful new Christmas worship songs.

1. Behold the Lamb of God – Andrew Peterson

Maybe one of my most favorite albums. Read a long review of the album here.

Happy listening! May Christ fill our hearts as well as our songs.


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