We Have Seen His Glory | Introduction

How often do you consider Jesus?  How often do you think about his life? How often do you bring to mind the things he did? How often do you mediate on his teachings? How often do you, with all you heart and soul, consider his death, burial, and resurrection? The author of the book of Hebrews commands us to do so (Heb 3:1). But too often we are so enamored with the things of this world and Jesus is far in the back of our minds.

In order to better consider Christ – and to prepare our hearts for this Easter season – tomorrow we are launching a new blog series. It will be a daily devotional from March 25th to April 28th where we look through the major points of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, our Lord. For 35 days we will consider who Jesus is, what he has done, and why that matters for our lives today. Join us here at the blog everyday, subscribe to our RSS feed, or sign up to receive email links. Let together consider Christ, the apostle and great high priest of our faith.


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