Who Needs a Marriage Seminar?

In a couple of weeks, Christ Fellowship will host a marriage seminar called “Strengthening Your Marriage” with Brandon Porter. Brandon is a very wise pastor and a man who loves to counsel people through using the Bible. So we have asked him to come and speak wisdom into our congregation about the topic of marriage.

So you might be thinking, should I go to that seminar at Christ Fellowship on January 28?

Well, I am glad you ask because there are certain people that this seminar is for?

1) Married  Couples-  We desire every married couple in our church to be a part of this event. It doesn’t matter if you have been married for 50 years or 50 hours, we can all be blessed by searching the Bible to see what God wants in our marriage.

2) Engaged Couples-  What a great way to prepare for your marriage. There will be times in the seminar to ask questions and maybe to even here from other married couples. Take this Saturday night to help lay a foundation for the rest of your life.

3) Church Leaders and Their Wives-  A man who can’t lead his family, cannot lead the church. We want leaders in our churches who are first leaders of their homes. That’s why I am excited about this seminar, I desire my marriage to be a great example in the kingdom.

4) Single People –  For some people, maybe a candidate for marriage is not even on the radar. However, every decision that you make today is laying the foundation for your future marriage. The way you handle your responsibilities, the way you lead the people around you, and even the way you strive for purity is laying a foundation for your future marriage. Come to the seminar and receive wisdom that will help you in the future.

5) People in Community with Married Couples-  Lastly, we need people in the church who can speak love and truth to one another (Ephesians 4). So if you are in community with other married couples come and receive wisdom from God’s Word. Our prayer is that the wisdom we receive will help us be wise counselors to fellow believers around us.

Well, I guess that covers about everyone. So I will see you January 28th at 3:00 pm and feel free to bring some friends.


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