Alcohol and the Christian | Part 1

This past Sunday at Christ Fellowship I preached on Ephesians 5:15-21 (you can listen here). In verse 18, Paul commands us not get drunk, but to be filled with the Spirit. Drunkenness is a huge issue for many, especially college students. I know that this issue probably hits home either to you or someone close to you.

Kevin DeYoung, who is a pastor and writer, wrote a wonderful article back in August at the beginning of the school year. He looks at the dangers of drinking and offers five responses that we as Christian should have toward alcohol. This is a very good treatment of the subject. Here is a snippet:

“On the former, students thinking of alcohol as “liquid courage.” It makes them more fun, more adventurous, less tied to inhibitions. On the latter, drinking is seen as a convenient way of avoiding personal responsibility. The sober girl who hooks up with a complete stranger might be considered a slut. But if she’s drunk, then it’s not really a mark on her character; she just had a few too many. Likewise, many students feel justified if they miss class or perform poorly because of a hangover. No matter what people tell them about the possible dangers of drinking, getting drunk, for many college students, is the best way to have fun. And whatever negative consequences may come, these are thought to reflect on the alcohol not on the individual.”

I strongly encourage you to read it. You can read it here. I am also going to be posting some articles here this week on the topic of alcohol to help us think and act biblically concerning this issue. Please take advantage of these articles. Read them thought fully and carefully. Let them be a blessing to you or someone you know.


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